We've all done it, or had it done to us. The eye-roll! trust me, I've had more than my share of the good ol' family do it when I am speaking. I know I get the eye roll from Wally tons too. So what does it mean and what can we know from it?

It isn't good when someone rolls their eyes at you. Sorry. It means, basically, your are full of "it".  It means what you have said or done is: disrespected, thought of as pathetic or stupid, not believable, or strange. It can also mean "I am fed up with this."

It's one thing to have a friend/family member or stranger roll their eyes at you, but if your spouse does it you have some serious marriage issues.

According to psychologists, if you persistently roll your eyes at your spouse, divorce is fairly inevitable. So, if you find yourself rolling those peepers too much head straight to counseling or take a cold hard look at how judgmental you are towards your spouse.

Just sayin.