I get really hyper sometimes when I come across someone who has good energy about them. Today, I was super hyper! That's thanks to the lovely Alonnie Milligan, owner of Water's Edge Marketplace, who sat in on the show this morning.

I met Alonnie when I went to her shop with my co-worker Barb Mack. First of all, what a cool place! They had homemade soaps, art from local artisans, primitive drums and even sci-fi action figures. Alonnie not only owns the shop, but is an intuitive medium. Naturally, I had to have a reading. She was spot on about things that eventually happened. So now you know where to go if you are in the mood to find out about your future.

I am always impressed with people who see the "gray" in life as opposed to just black and white. Let's face it, life is mostly gray. It's good to keep that natural tendency to be curious that we were all born with, too. Too often we get ourselves into a rut. Well, with my friend Alonnie, there is so much to learn. For instance, if you like to drum, they have a drum circle that meets up on the first Wednesday of every month. You can bang all your stress out.

I keep saying the Southern Tier has so much to offer if you just look. Water's Edge Marketplace proves that. If you want more info about Alonnie or her shop, visit their website.

Thank you again Alonnie!