Check off Day Two of the 27th annual Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll.
Another great day of fun as Whale Listeners voted for their favorite Classic Rock Artists and Bands!

To recap, we finished up the opening round battles and saw a few close ones - Beatles over Journey, Motley Crue defeating Boston and The Who squeaking by Jimi Hendrix.
We had one blowout yesterday during the opening round battles - The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent knocked out The Boss, Bruce Springsteen by quite a few votes. That kind of surprised me, but way to go Ted!

We kicked off the 'Classic Rock 16 Battle Round' during the early afternoon which resulted in Lynyrd Skynyrd destroying The Eagles, Def Leppard just getting by Aerosmith (surprising?), Pink Floyd toying with, and taking down Guns-n-Roses, then a BIG shocker - Creedence Clearwater Revival edged Led Zeppelin by one vote, and the Rolling Stones won a close battle over the Allman Brothers Band.

Today, we’ll finish up the 'Classic Rock 16 Battle Round', 'Final 8 Round' 'Big 4 Round' and 'Championship Round.'
Yea, they are great names I gave to each round.
Took me all of 60 seconds to come up with them, and it probably shows.
Oh, well.

Battles begin at approximately :40 after each hour through 5:40pm today.
That means the Whale Bowl Championship Round, will begin around 5:40pm, and Lee Ann Taylor will announce the winner around 6:10pm tonight.
Thank you for your votes, and continue to vote today for your favorite Classic Rock artist/band with the 27th annual Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll!