We are a big fan of beer here at the Whale. So, naturally, when I see the word "beer" in a headline, I look! It happened to be a story about beer commercials not being allowed to show people actually drinking in them, by law. So I wondered what other laws about beer I could dig up.

Here are a few gems. There were many, many more too. Take note that New York has no weird beer laws. That is surprising!

Texas - You can’t buy beer after midnight on Sundays but you can purchase it at anytime on Mondays. What????


Minnesota - They specifically state that it is in fact NOT a crime to be intoxicated in public. Big Wally is safe there!

Florida - Containers can only be sold in four sizes: 32, 24, 12, or 8 ounces. Did Bloomburg pass this law too?

Indiana - Liquor stores cannot sell cold sodas or soft drinks…they have to be unrefrigerated.

Michigan - It is illegal for any sort of establishment to serve alcohol on Christmas Day.

New Hampshire – You must be sitting down when served an alcoholic beverage.

Texas – They have a few. It is illegal to take more than three sips, swigs, or gulps of beer while standing.

Iowa – Apparently you are not allowed to run a tab there. Norm from "Cheers" would be heartbroken! And well, just broke.