I have been noticeably absent from this blog the last two weeks, and I will let you know why. I have been under the weather.



I have had a certain medical condition that needed some attention. It zapped my energy, and caused some major disruptions with my daily feeling and well being. With that, I have not been able to walk or work out, and my diet consisted of comfort foods that comfortably put the pound back on.

So, the Bad news, I have gained 8 lbs back. The Good News is, I feel better and am back on the Big Wally Losers Club bandwagon.

The lesson here is this. Just because you have a little hiccup in the road, it doesn't mean that you have to drive the train completely off the rails. Take the detour. Enjoy the scenery while you're there. Then get the wheels back on the pavement!

I'm logging into right now, and continuing the weight loss journey.

Are you with me?