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FOCUS..... That's what you need when you are trying to lose weight! That's what I have been lacking for the last three weeks. FOCUS, it's something that you have to do all the time, and it's harder at times, than it is at others.

Last week I lost zero pounds. The week before that 1, and the week before that 1.  In that time I ate things I feel I probably shouldn't have eaten (you can go back through my blogs and see what those items are.) While I didn't gain any of the weight back, I feel as though I lost three weeks, screwing around and not being serious about my weight loss goals. Last week, I was mad!
My weight loss goal is 80 lbs, and I want to get there as quick as I can. I did not plan on a 3-week detour. But alas, I need to keep my eyes headed forward, and not back on to what should of been. If you have suffered a set back. If you have had a 'less than perfect' few weeks, LET IT GO!
Today, we march forward. Leave behind the chocolate, the beer and the potato chips. Not forever, but for now. Jump back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. Start walking and eating right.
GET MAD! GET BACK ON TRACK. That's what I did. Last week I said I was gonna lose 3-pounds this week. That, I'm afraid didn't happen. I LOST 4, WOOT-WOOT!
I'm Back on track..... How about you? Are you ready to FOCUS?

Magic food tip of the day.

(I find that when I eat 3/4 of a cup of regular oatmeal (dry weight) every day, it's only 225 calories, 4 grams of good fat, and more importantly... it fills you up so you don't go crazy at lunch!)