OK weight-loss fans. Today is Thursday which means it's weigh in day for Big Wally. What happened?

Three weeks into the Big Wally's Loser Club and.....
I have lost another 4lbs!  Yippee! That's a total of 12 lbs of Big Wally waggle gone in three weeks!

I have heard from several people,  that if you do something for three weeks it becomes habit. Well I guess the habit that I now have is catching on.

I have had a multitude of people asking me how they can join the Big Wally Losers club. Yet, most who have asked, have not yet made the commitment. Why? Well, it's easier to keep doing the same thing that you have been doing over the last several, or more years.  Hey, how's that working for you?

The truth is, that change is never easy to make. We all hate it. We all fight it. But if you want to change the way you look and feel, then you need to make the commitment to change your eating and excerise habits. It's just that simple.

Sign up for your free account at www.myfitnesspal.com, today. You can track your food intake, exercise and get advice and recipie ideas from others who are doing the same as you. When you are there, search (wallywess...) that's me.

Set a date to start! Go out, have some wings and beer.  But keep that start date set in stone, and START your new healthy lifestyle on that date.

What I did was set a goal to come in at 500 calories shy of my daily caloric allowance each day. When you set your weight loss goal in (myfitnesspal.com), and you log all your food and exercise, it will help keep you on track to acheive your weight loss goal. The rest of us in the club will do so as well. And in as little as three weeks you will have some new habits to be happy about.

It's been three weeks for me so far. I feel better. My pants are getting looser and I am more excited than ever to hit my weight loss goal of 80lbs. And hit it I WILL!

Remember, weigh yourself only once a week and at the same time. And most importantly, pick a START DATE! If you want to lose weight.... you cannot do it without putting in some effort, so stop talking about it, and DO IT! We all at the Big Wally losers Club have been exactly where you are now, and we all can help you on your way to a healthier you.

In just three weeks, it can all change, for the better, for you. It has for me. Sihn up for your free account today at www.myfitnesspal.com. What do you say? Wanna join movement?

..... big wally is not a nutricionist or physician. please see your own doctor before you start.  column is intended as motivational in nature.