OK, so the weekend is a few days off, but I'd just like to remind you of some great shows that air every weekend on 99.1 The Whale.

Saturdays at 11pm, Zander hosts The Rockin' 80s, featuring everything to do with the 80s, but mostly about rock music and their artists, along with news about what the bands are up to these days.

Sundays at 7am, Bob Malik is the host of The Beatle Years.
If it has to do with The Beatles, you will learn about it from Bob and The Beatle Years.

Following The Beatle Years, we have Flashback with Matt Pinfield.
This is a show that focuses on themes, such as "1976 in history" featuring trivia, sound bytes and of course Classic Rock.

Sunday evenings at 10pm, Little Steven's Underground Garage takes over the airwaves.
Your host is Little Steven Van Zandt...you know, famous for the E Street Band, Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul, and on TV in" The Sopranos" and "Lilyhammer."
This show is unlike any other.
You need to tune in to find out what I mean, but I can tell you, that in addition to great Classic Rock, you will hear bands from the earlier days as well as current up and coming bands, in addition to "garage band" type music.

So make it a date to enjoy all these great weekend shows every week, and of course our weekend theme, EVERY weekend on 99.1 The Whale!