Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

Our weekend themes are a most beautiful thing.
What makes them so cool, is the fact that we work very hard coming up with great ideas that will rock your weekend 52 times a year.
Hours are spend brainstorming ideas for another Classic Rock weekend theme, and the finished product shines.

If you believed everything I just wrote, you'll believe anything.
Really, it's just a dartboard, a few beers and not so smart DJs coming up with these crazy ideas.
Anyway, this weekend, we are honoring the alphabet (yea, one of our best ideas, I'm sure), featuring hourly double-shots of tunes from A to Z.
That took a lot of thinking.
Maybe it's because it's been so hot this week, our brains are just fried.
Wait, I think that's an every week kind of thing for us!

So enjoy, and remember to take 99.1 The Whale wherever you go this weekend. You can hear us on your radio at 99.1 FM, online at and on your mobile phone through our free app – Radio Pup!