We all have stress. With work, bills, kids and finances how can we not? When stress goes up, so does blood pressure and boy can that lead to problems! Luckily, Prevention Magazine came up with some weird ways to reduce blood pressure. That got me thinking about uniquely Southern Tier ways to reduce stress.

Feel free to add to the list!

  • 1

    Take a walk in our parks

    We have a bunch of them, including Otsiningo, Rec Park, CFJ and Hickories. So, why not put them to good use?  A good stroll while looking at the beauty around you should destress you quickly.

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    Visit the Binghamton Zoo

    What is more relaxing than enjoying animals running around doing their thing? Not much. And with the lovely setting the zoo sits in, taking a tour is the trick to stress reduction.

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    I got this idea from my Sister. She calls shopping her "therapy"! Whether it's perusing the downtown shops in Binghamton, heading over to the Vestal parkway or hitting up the Oakdale Mall, you've got plenty of choices.


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    Boy are the options for this blood pressure reducer plentiful in the Southern Tier! Whether it's for one of the many churches, the Boys & Girls Clubs, Sertoma Club, Shriners or service organizations you've got many ways to volunteer.

    Volunteering gives you a feeling of accomplishment that you may be missing.

    photo by Don Morgan
  • 5

    Getting more sun

    Exposure to the sun helps your body produce Vitamin D which is needed for every part of your well being. And it increases nitric oxide in your body. All this lowers your blood pressure. Plus, being in the sun just makes people happy.

    So get out and enjoy. oh wait, this is the Southern tier! Well, 4 out of five ain't bad. There's always the stress ball route.

    Or.... you can do what some of us did today and wear fairy wings. Why not?

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