Last Saturday was Groundhog Day.
We all know that.

The rodent was pulled out of that funny looking stump, and without speaking a word (Groundhogs can't least I don't think they can) proclaimed an early spring because he didn't see his shadow.
For that prediction, I'm thankful.
Let's hope it comes true.

I think it's cool that the community around Punxsutawney makes this such a big event, stretching it out for more than one day.
There's actually a full week of festivities leading up to the big day.
Any type of celebration or activity during what I call the 'dead months' of the year - January, February and March, is a good thing.
I've thought many times to make the trip down (or is it more down and over from Binghamton) to join in the festivities that tens of thousands of people do every year.
So far, no trips.

Since the movie 'Groundhog Day' starring Bill Murray and Angie McDowell came out, the event in Punxsutawney has gained momentum in terms of attendance.
And speaking of the movie, I make an effort to watch it every year on Groundhog Day.
Isn't that ironic?
I watch it over and over and over every year.
Well, this year something different happened.
I didn't watch the movie.
Life went on, although I am a bit disappointed I did not watch the DVD that I proudly own.
Nothing new happens of course, I know the movie well from beginning to end, but it's just like a habit I have (and I bet you do too) to watch these holiday movies every year, like Christmas for example.
And if you don't see it before or on the holiday, no big deal, right?
Just watch it at a later date.
Well, I can't.
I have this odd rule that if I don't watch any holiday themed movie before or on the holiday, I can't watch it afterward.
It just feels weird to me and I can't really explain why.
Does that make me a bit strange?
Oh well, there's next year, and the cycle can pick up again, over and over and over...just like the movie plot.