201 episodes in 5 weeks.
Was I crazy?
Maybe, but probably more like obsessed.

A couple of months ago, I subscribed to one of those movie/TV online services.
Thought I'd give it a try, primarily for movies, since I'm not really interested in watching TV show episodes.
Well, one day, I thought, why not check out a sitcom I'd never seen, since I've got a free moment.
Maybe that show that so many people were talking about over the past 9 years - the NBC sitcom 'The Office.'
While the show was on the air, I didn't really notice, or care.
I'm picky about what TV shows I watch, since my time to do so is a bit limited.
Yea, I'm a busy guy!

Anyway, after watching the first episode, I wasn't very impressed, but decided to give the next 5 episodes (season 1 had 6 episodes as a mid-season replacement) the benefit of the doubt.
That's when the show got me hook, line and sinker
Wow, this is one funny show!
Actually, it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.
'M*A*S*H' is, and will always be, my favorite, but 'The Office' has got to be in my top 5.

It's format was different from other TV sitcoms I've seen.
It was shot as a documentary in a paper company office branch in Scranton, Pa.
The characters were quirky and funny, the stories of each episode were well written for the most part (some were a bit far-fetched and didn't make sense in the real world, but that's Ok), and the pranks between Jim and Dwight were some of my favorite parts of the show.
Plus, the fact the fictional show's office - Dunder-Mifflin takes place in Scranton, Pa,  made the show even more fun to watch.
Now I've got to take a road trip to Scranton to check out all those site references.
One episode even centered around Binghamton!

As for my binge watching...
A typical half hour episode of 'The Office' without commercials averages about 22 minutes.
Multiply that by 201 episodes (a few episodes were one hour shows), it comes to over 75 hours of comedy.
Yes, I watched about 75 hours of a TV show over the course of five weeks.

My bad for being 9 years late.
Wish I had latched on back in 2005, so I could enjoy it on a weekly basis.
Now after watching all 201 episodes in 5 weeks with nothing new see, it's not a good thing, since I've become addicted.
Maybe there's an 'The Office' support group I can join.

No more episodes to watch.
For me, that's going to be hard.
"That's what she said."