Talk about 'The Flow of the Game?'  Here's an idea sure to boost beer sales at local minor league baseball parks!

The Lehigh Valley IronPig fans are about to be entertain this year, all while learning about prostate health.

The Phillies’ AAA-minor league team will introduce the first “urinal gaming system” when the season kicks off at Coca-Cola Park next week.

Screens installed above urinals will display the game, which is a downhill snowmobile competition. The user’s flow controls the virtual snow-mobiler as he tries to hit penguins on the route — directing the stream left or right will move the driver in that direction.

The game screens will display information from the health system when the urinal is not in use. When a guy walks up to use the urinal, the information will go away and switch into game mode.
I have to say that this sure beats the 'Newspaper behind plexiglass,' that hangs above urinals now.  Although I can see that a few problems problems arising, as some guys... may never want to leave the restroom. Talk about your gamers?

So..... let me ask you this. Do you think our own B-Mets should get these in our own ballpark?