When I was growing up, video games were in their infancy. There was no blood and killing, just pure fun and entertainment. Ok, Frogger squished frogs, but that was the extent of it. I don't know where it all went wrong from there, but it did.

These days, you get points for acts of violence and killings. Not cool. Because of this, many kids are completely desensitized and place little value on life and property. Where the hell is the fun in killing? Seriously! It is sick on any scale, game or not.

It was released by investigators of the Sandy Hook School shooting that Adam Lanza, the young man that unleashed the horror, treated mass killings as a game. He meticulously put together years of stats on infamous mass killings, giving points for how many killed, where it was done and if the murderer was brought down by himself or the police.

He was addicted to violent games and spent hours honing his skills to pull off the Sandy Hook shooting through them. He knew, in a game, if you get killed by someone they get the points and you lose them. That was apparently why he took his life. He didn't want the police to win. He also knew a school would give him a high kill rate due to its vulnerability.

Because of this horrific information, look for a huge push to ban violence in gaming. I don't think, after reading this, that anyone can justify a person playing such games. There is no productivity to it, all you learn is that violence gives you points, and in a society as messed up as America's it needs to go. It only teaches that morals and empathy suck.

Yes, companies make millions on the games, but there is no justification for them. This, of course is only my opinion and not those of my company, but there are better ways for a person, whether it be child or adult, to spend their time.

So, why do I think the ban will in fact happen? You can't defend the Sandy Hook killing. And that event was the exact tragedy that many had predicted for years. And it took years to plan. Yes, it was planned. Who else is out there with this thinking? He can't, just by the probabilities alone, be the only one. Which means, it will be tried again.

It's time to teach our children about life and how to get ahead. How to be a productive and good member of society, not how to kill and steal and blow stuff up.

Feel free to post thoughts, but please keep it clean.