I gave some of these tips out this morning and a man called and said "what about me?" So, point taken! These ideas can be used by both husband and wife.

First, keep it simple. You've been together awhile, so you just need to change up your routine for one day. Think of it as a 4 course meal. Here's an example:

Course 1: Guys, get a single rose and place it somewhere special. Add a handwritten note or poem. Ladies, if you control the remote usually, wrap it in red ribbon and place it somewhere special with a handwritten note. Make sure your hubby knows that the remote is his for an entire week.

Course 2: Cuddle. This may be tough, but do it! As for kissing; you each may have a problem with the other's technique. Now is the time to correct that. Don't be aggressive, but don't be boring either. Don't forget ears and neck!

Course 3 is dinner. You can go a couple ways here. If you eat out a lot, eat in. Cook together. That can be a blast and help elevate the mood (if you know what I mean). You can go out as well. If you rarely get to dress up this is your chance! Go all out. One cool idea is re-enacting your first date.

Now comes the 4th course: the end of the night. It's up to you, but leave chatting about the kids, finances or anything stressful out. You can talk about when you first met and relive memories or get right to doing the nasty.

Remember one thing as you go through the evening: this person you are married to has probably been taken for granted from time to time during the marriage. Now is a good time to start showing daily appreciation. That goes for both of you.

Happy Valentine's Day!