Is Valentines Day over?
Yes, thank you.
If you don't know by now, lets just say it's not high on my list of so-called special days.
It's not really a holiday, right?
I tend to refer to it as a day made up by the card, flower and candy industry to suck us all in, but I could be wrong,
Either way, I as a member of the male species, don't have to worry about the duties we must carry out each February 14th for another year.
It's not that I don't want to show that affection and appreciation to that special someone, it's the fact that we all are kind of forced into it with this particular event every year.
Do we need a day to nudge us to show affection?
I don't think so, although I'm sure some men may need that kick in the pants.

Does that sound harsh?
Maybe, so I'll turn it around to how express by objection to this day, because how sad it  must be for those who are single, and have no "Valentine" in their life right now.
Probably not.

Anyway, for those of you who join me in the anti-Valentine movement, here's a look into the movie world of breakups to remind us why Valentines Day is not always a happy day for all.