It's time to plan your vacation. Don't groan, this could be fun! If you "staycation", it's even more fun.

You do have to compare prices when you plan a vacation; there are plenty of good deals to be had. If you don't take the time to compare, you could cost yourself hundreds in savings.

I personally like digging into info about where and what to do, and it's supposedly fun, according to researchers. You know what's even more fun? Doing that research about the Southern Tier.

I bet that there are attractions you will come across online, that exist in the Southern Tier, that you didn't know about. You have quite a bit to choose from here and hotel rooms are cheaper than at "glamour" destinations like Disney.

Go all out and find as many things to do here as a week can hold. You have the time coming so why settle on a 3 day weekend?

Just remember this rule of thumb: no returning home from your staycation early.

Get planning! Oh, here's a good place to start.