I was thinking about what traditions we had for Christmas growing up in my area. They were normal. Historical house tours, Christmas tree lighting, touring the old Mount Holly Jail for ghosts. Wait. I guess that's not normal in Binghamton! It was in my town (Mt. Holly, NJ).

I delved into my mind more, did some research and found a couple of very unusual traditions.

In Germany, they hide a glass pickle ornament in the tree branches and the child who finds in on Christmas morning gets an extra gift. I wonder why we don't have a "Christmas Pickle" TV special?

And between the 16th and 19th centuries in England, Canada and the United States, Snap-dragon (or flap-dragon) was a game played in which they tried to snatch raisins out of a flaming bowl of brandy! In order to extinguish the burning raisin, you popped it in your mouth. They played this with the lights off and the winner was the one who had blue flames glowing in their hands and mouth.  Really!

Since I am a newbie here (still), my burning question; pardon the pun, is are their any unusual traditions in the Greater Binghamton area? Maybe something settlers did and it got passed down to your family? It doesn't have to practiced today, it could certainly be historical.

And feel free to share traditions unique to your family too.