My Dad taught me, while I was in high school, how to budget and take care of finances. He was a stickler for accounting for every cent. Admittedly, I didn't follow his plan 100%, but if I had, I would be financially set for life now.

As I watch the powers that be in Washington throw our money down the toilet, I shake my head. Then when I hear House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer say we have a "paying problem" and not a spending problem I get really ticked off. And my thoughts when I hear Nancy Pelosi say we have a "deficit" problem not a spending problem?  Who are they kidding? We are spending money we don't have for many things we don't need.

If Congress were to attempt to follow my Dad's simple, math-and-no-politics-accounting, we would be fine as a Country. My big question is how is it that we have to stick within a household budget and there is no Federal budget? There hasn't been one for four long years. Really?

This is why we keep having financial crises every few months. It is self made by the President and Congress and we pay the price with less money in our paychecks. Of course, many Americans have no clue what is going on because of the smoke and mirrors political talk.

Like last month; the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) actually contracted. That means our national growth was a negative number. But Politicians and pundits called it a positive sign for the economy. How is that possible? It isn't. Oh, and if it shows contraction again when the numbers are released in April, it means we are in a recession. Again.

I decided to get the numbers without the b.s. for a change. I started reviewing our National Debt and financial issues (including what bills that are passed will actually cost the taxpayers) at two websites. They are the General Accountability Office and the Congressional Budget Office. They both are watchdogs and lay out the facts and figures objectively.

The only way for Americans to regain control of their own money and Country again is to be educated. Don't rely on word of mouth, email forwards or outlets that can slant information. Go to the two sources I cited above. Americans seem to be more concerned about Kim K's baby than the state of our economy. Maybe they've given up, but I haven't.

Neither has Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson. The good doctor gave a fix for healthcare and the economy in general in 43 seconds. You can see it below. Way to go Doc!

My Dad always says "keep it simple stupid". And I think we need to do just that. This is all my humble opinion, but I hope you will become actively informed.