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Respectful: The showing of respect, esteem for sense of worth, proper acceptance or courtesy.

If someone doesn't show me respect as a person, then how could I ever be involved with them? A woman wants you to respect her feelings, others feelings and herself as well. If make it clear that I don't approve of something or don't want my man to do something and he does it anyways, well, that's a sign of disrespect. Now I'm not talking about a poker night with the boys, I mean something more personally directed at me.

I respect others enough to allow them to voice their opinions and consider their point of view. If you can not do the same them someone like me is not for you. I respect that you need space and alone time and you should respect it when I need space as well. Relationships are about mutual give and take. If you don't have respect for each other, I don't see how this is even possible! What do you think?