One of my least favorite things besides lying is excuses. Many people make irrational excuses because they are afraid to try something new or go forward with a situation just because way down the road, they may potentially get hurt.

News flash people: we have all been hurt! If you continue to hold on to someone that didn't treat you right or you chose to treat others without respect just because you are trying to get back at a certain gender for the role someone played in your life then, how to you ever expect to move on and be successful in a relationship?

We have all had relationships that were horrible, ones that were okay for the most part, ones that were great in the beginning and a mess at the end, and ones that were fabulous but for some reason didn't last. The key to all of this nonsense is to take what you learned from the past relationships so you can move forward and have a better one.

The other important thing is to forgive yourself and your past significant other. This part, I realize is not so easy for some. Sometimes people cheat because they are selfish, don't feel they are getting the attention they need or there was something missing in the current relationship they were in. In either case, if you got cheated on or you cheated on someone, it wasn't meant to be. Maybe down the road it will be but if cheating is going on, then something is missing somewhere and it's normally not worth it. The same can be said for lying and just generally treating people with disrespect. If you truly care about someone and they feel the same, then there would be no reason for any of these things to occur.

You deserve what you give, so give it your all and you will get it in return. If you don't, then shame on them, they don't deserve you!