Duplicitous means two faced or deceitful. I'm pretty sure no one would argue with me that this is not a good quality to have unless you are a spy or something of the sort.

Acting one way one minute and acting completely different the next is both confusing and unattractive. Why would anyone want to be with someone who is so unstable that they change their personality from one minute to the next? You are either a kind person or you are not. You are either open minded or you aren't. There is no one day your this and one day your that. If that is the case, then I have no interest in dating a psychopath.Sorry.

This is also a characteristic of someone who cheats. If you are deceitful, you aren't telling the truth - lying and cheating fall into that category. No one, male or female should have to deal with someone that changes their mind so drastically to act differently from day to day or month to month. One of the foundations of a good relationship is stability and being duplicitous offers none.