Having been subjected to numerous NFL football games in the past that I have interest in watching, I have come up with several ways of coping with the situation.

If it is just me and my significant other, I let them watch only the games of their favorite team in my presence. I normally read a book during this time and in return for me entertaining their obsession with the NFL, they have to be quiet enough where I can read my book.

I also like to pick out things I know they hate about their team or football and pick on them constantly about this. I used to call my former significant other Dru Breez because his name was similar. I also love to pick on Jets fans about Tim Tebow because they get so upset. "What time is it hunny? Oh, oh wait, i know, it's Tebow Time!"

Last but not least, I could care less if you watch football and we are in a group or actually physically at the game. If I can converse with other adults, I'm good. I am even better when I have wine or beer in my hand. As for the NFL, my saying is: "You know what my favorite part about football is? The drinking!" Here's to us ladies!