Did you know the National Toy Hall of Fame is in Rochester? Heck, did you even know there was such a Hall? Wouldn't it be fun to go sometime? It is on my list!

Every year they induct 2 new toys. The first year, 1998, they inducted 11 toys including the Erector Set, Playdoh and Tinker Toys.

I love seeing toys I used to play with. It brings back great memories. Remember opening up and playing with your tinker toys? or even your GI Joe? or how about the first ball you ever got? Mine was a cool rubber red one. It stung my brother's arm when I whipped it at him! Good times, good times.

This year, some very memorable toys are nominated but only 2 will make the cut into the Hall.  Here they are. Oh, you can get any of these at Amazon.com.

  • 1

    Little Green Army Men

    Thanks to the movie "Toy Story" these little guys were brought back into the limelight. They have been around since 1938 and are almost indestructible. Go ahead and try! That is part of the fun.

  • 2


    This game has been around in its modern form since the year 1000 or so. Long time, huh? It takes a keen mind and attention to detail to win.

  • 3


    Colonel Mustard did it in the Library with a pipe. Remember playing this for the first time?

    I had no idea this game has been around since 1949! Still have yours? I do! I think I will break it out this weekend.

  • 4

    Fisher Price Little People

    Did you know the Little People have names? i just found out, even though I played with them for years!This popular toy was first released in the 1960's.

    They are: Eddie, Sarah Lynn, Maggie, Michael and Sonya Lee.

  • 5


    I know almost all of us had one of these! if you are like me, you had to share.

    These are still great for tooling around the neighborhood or "drag racing". I like the classic design, though.

    The one pictured is here.

  • 6


    Remember when Mom yelled at you for throwing toys at your siblings? Then Nerf came out and Mom was silenced! How can you get hurt with foam?

    These foam footballs and other assorted toys were released in 1970 to the joy of all of us!

  • 7

    Magic 8 Ball

    This is one of my personal favorites. I took my magic 8 Ball everywhere. sadly, I never thought that placing it above an old fashioned radiator (we live in an old home) would do it harm. the poor thing melted!

    it was released in 1950.

  • 8

    The Rubber Duck

    Thanks to Sesame Street, we all knew this toy! Rubber Duckie is still a fun song to hear.

    This bath toy still delights and now is used to raise funds for charitable organizations with Rubber Duckie races.