Now before you start saying, why isn't this post about New York? I live in New York. Of course I love New York! After all, I do chose to live here and have lived here my whole life. Just because I live in New York, doesn't mean I don't have a fond appreciation for several other states, one of them being Texas.

My sister currently lives in Texas and my future brother in law and his family are from Texas. I have visited Texas several times and have learned a lot about the state through my sister Brittany and her fiance Tom.


1. Southern hospitality. I have always been huge on manners and the people of Texas are too. It's always "yes ma'am," "no sir" and I love it. The guys are true southern gentlemen. They offer to buy ladies drinks, open doors, and do it in a way that makes you feel as if it's out of respect and not just because they think you are attractive. Manners go a long way and Texans seem to know that!

2. Justice. Whether you agree with them or not, ya gotta hand it to the Texans. The like their justice and they make sure they get it. They don't just get it in different colors or in scales of grey. They do justice in black and white. If you don't provide a service someone paid for - you are allowed to kill that person. They of course condone the death penalty and aren't shy about it. No state in my opinion has a bigger set of balls than Texas.

3. Best BBQ in the country. I don't even like BBQ seeing as I don't eat meat but from everyone else that does, I understand Texas has the best in the country. It's almost as if it was invented there (It wasn't).

4. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Coincidence that my favorite guitarist is from the state of Texas? I think not! Dear Texas, I would like to personally thank you for giving me the music of Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughn. I can not imagine what the heck I would have listened to all those night in college (or now for that matter) drinking without you!

5. Cowboys and Southern belles. There are few females I know who wouldn't want to date a cowboy and few gentlemen I know who wouldn't want their shot with a Southern belle. Enough said there.

Let's tip our hats off to Texas everyone, yeehaw!