I am a fairly ethical person. I try and play it above board. Where does that get me? Sometimes not very far. So can you you get very far? Sometimes you need to get an edge, and that may require bending the rules.

It's not like you are breaking them, mind you. Think of it as coloring outside the lines!

Here are my top 5 ways to make life easier. Sorry if some offend.:

1. You know when you call a customer service line and they ask if you want Spanish? Take it! The call centers are in the U.S. and the wait times are smaller.

2.  If you are hungry for a good breakfast and don't feel like cooking, dress up and head over to the nearest hotel that serves a hot breakfast. If you have to pass the front desk to get to the dining room, pretend to tell someone you will meet them at your room in a minute, you had to get something from your car. Blend in and enjoy.

3. If you are headed to a sporting event (or concert), get cheap seats. an hour before the event, check Stubhub to see what good seats are still for sale. Go right to those seats instead of the cheap ones.

4. If you like a magazine at a doctors office, take a picture of the barcode and address label. Go online to the magazine site, and using that picture info, read the full articles! It works most of the time.

5. Always throw "rock" in rock, paper, scissors. Then one time, when it really mattes, throw scissors.  This strategy can work for many things. it's kind of like sandbagging.