I have been a huge fan of NCIS for 4 seasons now. It took me a while get to the point of watching because every other cop drama is too violent or gory for me. NCIS, had me from the first episode I saw.

Last night was the finale of Season 10. This season has had 5 episodes that could've been the finale, so the bar was set very high, and it was met. No one would believe the ending.

The amazing thing about this show is it has never jumped the shark. Even with the transition from Kate to Ziva, the death of Franks, and this years loss of Eli David no shark. No jump. And no end in sight for the STILL number one drama on TV. It doesn't hurt that Mark Harmon is the most liked actor on TV either.

So why else is NCIS still the top of the heap? Well, I have my Top 5 answers for you!

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    They Keep the Blood and Guts to a Minimum!

    There's is nothing worse than a show that relies on blood and guts and violence to attract an audience. That is my biggest turn off to a show. Maybe once a show there will be a graphic scene on NCIS. Maybe. And if there is, you get a warning first so you can cover your eyes. I still freak out when I see the scene of Kate being killed. The most intense scene I have ever seen on TV.

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    The Chemistry of the Cast.

    I have never seen chemistry among a full cast like there is in NCIS. All 10 seasons have had it. From Kate to Ziva and Gerald to Jimmy Palmer, it works. From what I understand, they prank each other and hang out when not shooting the show. That would explain it! I also notice that because of the balance between everyone, you can't really have favorites other than Ducky and Gibbs.

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    The Gibbs Slap

    If you don't know what the Gibbs slap is, make sure you watch the video. Gibbs gives his team a "love tap" on the back of the head when they can do better or are inappropriate. It's quite comical! I don't know why, but it's one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

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    The Rules. It's All About The Rules

    Number 9: never go anywhere without a knife. Number 12: don't date co-workers. Rule 6: never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness.

    Rules to live by. Everyone can use them, actually, but I have made some of my own thanks to NCIS. And they aren't to be written in order either!

    Yep, you learn something watching the show.

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    Mark Harmon. Duh!

    Without Mark Harmon there is no NCIS. That cool, authoritative, but approachable Leroy Jethro Gibbs demeanor could not be pulled off by just anyone.

    What I like most about Harmon is his humble nature and commitment to whatever he does. The fact that he has been happily married to the lovely Pam Dawber for 26 years is proof.