Who says the best commercials of the year have to be during the "Big Game"? No one lately! Actually, the companies that pay three million dollars for 30 seconds during the big game may want to look at the success of the spots I picked as some of the best (so far) of the year and rethink their strategy.

Only one was played during that football contest. The other big change in commercials is less information and more entertainment. I can handle that! Some of these are better than the TV shows they air during.

I chose the commercials that made me and my husband instantly react. These are commercials I would rewind and play over and over. Really!


  • 1

    Discovery Channel Shark Week

    Meet Snuffy the Seal. Or what's left of him. This is irreverent, but I laughed my ass off.  A+ for Discovery for this gem of a Shark Week commercial.

  • 2

    Kmart- Ship My Pants

    I must like irreverence. Again, this made me laugh like crazy. It's all about word play and designed to get people into buying at the failing store and their website.

  • 3

    Eli and Peyton Manning for DirecTv

    I am glad to see the Manning boys preparing for retirement by continuing to cement their acting skills. The cool thing about them is they aren't afraid to act like idiots. A good quality when heading down the comedic path. On a side note, I think I love this commercial because it reminds me of an SNL skit called D*** in a box with Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake.

  • 4

    Wish Genie Rav 4

    Kaley Cuoco is Penny on "Big Bang theory", but she has really branched out into commercials this year. Not only is she William Shatner's Priceline daughter, but she is now the Rav 4 genie. My husband and I love the talking squirrels in this one (at :15 seconds).

  • 5

    Geico-Happier Than Dracula

    I like most of the Geico commercials. The "Happier Than" campaign is a fun one, though. Eddie Money's cool and the witches in a broom factory priceless, but nothing beats a good vampire commercial. And who would think to pair him with a blood drive? Only someone sick and twisted. That is my kind of person!