This is National Children's Book Week, so I decided to take the time to tip a hat to my favorite books and find out what yours are! There are countless books out there, only a few stir up memories of each of our childhood experiences.

If you are a parent, I bet you remember the favorite book of your kids and how you had t read it over and over and over. my Mom got off lucky. I was so into books that I let her read a different once each night! Here are my favorites. Comment on what yours are!

Oh, and it's ok to re-read these. I do.

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    Where The Wild Things Are

    This book had me hypnotized and also nurtured my love of monsters! How cool is it that max gets to hang out and play with monsters?

    Where The Wild Things Are Facebook page
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    Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham

    Who hasn't read this one? it is and always will be a classic. My parents even made us actual green eggs and ham afterwards. More about the book and other Dr. Seuss classics are at which is afun place to visit no matter your age.
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    Curious George

    I remember laughing at Curious George's antics and learning to behave from the books (a little against my will). The man with the yellow hat was a pretty patient guy! George originally appeared in 1941, so he is pretty old. There are the original adventures, which I know, and some newer ones that are modern era. It's nice to see he is continuing to entertain kids.
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    Babar The Elephant

    I have to admit I was puzzled by this one and asked a lot of questions when my Mom read it, but it is truly a favorite of mine. Babar was a cute little elephant whose Mom was killed by a hunter and Babar ended up in a city and was taken in by a lovely old lady who basically raised him as a human. The details laced through the tale are what get you.
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    I learned so much about sharing and friendships from this one. Charlotte was cool, but Wilbur was cooler. Although, in the real world, he would've been bacon pretty quick because of how naive he was. Magnificent!