I love my chocolate. Call me a chocoholic and I will admit it. There's nothing like the jolt of a little dark chocolate to make a day better.

I come by my addiction honestly, my Dad is a fan of Special Dark.

Today is a special day, that should be nationally heralded: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! Chocolate makes anything taste good, whether it's almonds, cherries or even grasshoppers. Think about it, any edible item that can be smothered in glorious chocolate becomes tasty. I bet even brussel sprouts would taste good. Hmmm. I will have to try that.

Yes, the old standbys are terrific: strawberries, pretzels, popcorn. But, on this festive day, experiment! Cover whatever you want in chocolate. Jerky? Sure! Bacon? Why not? Your spouse? Now there's an idea!

Have a happy chocolate covered day.