Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

In the wake of what will go down as a disastrous year for the New York Football Giants,

I wanted to reach out to all the Giant fans. I am a true Giant fan, I come by it honestly, my dad and my brother Mike are Giant fans and we have shared our Sundays together for decades.

One thing all Giant fans know, we don’t win easy, and we may not always have winning seasons, but we’ve had some magical seasons. We’ve been to the Super bowl 5 times and only lost once.

Eli Manning is a great quarterback, yes he’s having a bad year, but much of that is bad team chemistry. I think he still has some good seasons left as our QB.

The last two Super Bowls were pure magic for big blue and their fans; we beat teams that no one (even most Giant fans) thought we could beat, including an undefeated New England Patriot team that was working on a magic season themselves.

Eli Manning led last minute drives and scrambled and threw incredibly accurate passes during those runs, (Like the one on the left to David Tyree)  I will NEVER forget what he did for the team and the fans..

Another season will be here soon enough and I’m sure they’ll be many changes; I have to believe that Eli Manning will be back with a much improved supporting cast.