Technologies in this day and age continue to make life a little easier for law enforcement and increasingly harder for the criminal.

Face Book is now being used to foil common crimes, as criminals who steal items, post pictures or brag about their exploits on Face Book are helping the victims of the perpetrators and law enforcement bring these criminals to justice.

The latest was a woman who stole a dress and then posted pictures of herself wearing the dress on her personal Face Book page. It didn’t take long for the common denominators to link the victim to the guilty party.

A woman who was robbed 3 years ago had no idea that when the two men who robbed her were on route to her house, they were actually photographed thanks to Google Maps and law enforcement is currently looking for the two.

Surveillance cameras have caught hundreds of crimes and provided alibis for others as more and more are installed every day.

DNA has been solving crimes for many years and new discoveries of how we use it are making it almost impossible to get away with anything.

Will there come a time when crime will be irradiated? I think as long as we occupy this planet people will always try.