I don't know about you, but when I think of my childhood or teen years, there is always a car that comes to mind. And I'm a girl!

The upcoming Cruisin' Pallooza got me thinking, so I decided to see what my co-workers thought of when I asked about cars, and the responses were interesting.

One guy said "sitting on the hump in the backseat!" Remember how hot that hump got?

Or how about the wing window on the front doors. I totally agreed with him.  I'll never forget my Dad using that when he smoked. Good memory Alex!

How about no seat belts on the bench seats? As a teen, I regularly piled in with 7 or 8 other people into our '76 Impala.

Co-worker John remembered his '80 Camaro and said that red car was like an accident magnet. Sure. It was the car John!

Another story that came out was piling into a big old Pontiac sedan and the kids holding the doors shut with bungee chords because the door locks didn't work. Yep. Back then you could get away with that!

There definitely was the danger of falling out. Our receptionist Heather sat in a laundry basket in the hatchback. She was secure (I guess) this way.

I see an old "wood accented" Town & Country from the '70's tooling around town occasionally and it makes me think of car rides with my grandparents and their dog.

Any guy will automatically think of their favorite muscle car when asked about memories. My hubby told me about his Challenger. He gets a far off look on his face when he mentions that beauty.

Check out these vintage car commercials and get sentimental yourself. Oh to have these cars back!