Chris Walter, Getty Images

RIP Ray Manzarek.
You will be missed.
Hopefully, you're hanging out with Jim Morrison and jammin' right now.

One of my favorite groups are The Doors.
Their music is intelligent, haunting, rebellious and brings back great memories of my youth.

I think my favorite would have to be 'Riders On The Storm.'
When the song begins with the sounds of thunder and rain, it takes me back to the summer before my high school senior year, and reminds me of the good times my friends and I had that year.

Of course, I have to give props to 'The End' and 'When The Music's Over.'
Both amazing tunes.
They represent the late 60s and early 70s so well at a time when the country was divided over the Vietnam War.
Remember how well 'The End' fit into the movie 'Apocalypse Now?"
A powerful song in a powerful movie.

The Doors recorded great music that will never be duplicated, and that's fine with me.