In honor of Nude Recreation week wrapping up (good pun, huh?), I'd like to make sure we celebrate safely.

There are some thing you should not do "nekkid"! I learned the hard way that frying bacon naked is so not cool.  Then there is petting an angry cat. You get the idea. So, as you frolick in your birthday suit, keep these no-no's in mind.

  1. BBQ sizzling meat
  2. Combat
  3. Juggling chainsaws
  4. Give a State of the Union address
  5. learn how to use your cell phone camera
  6. Beekeeping
  7. Carry an angry cat
  8. Fly fishing on a windy day
  9. Fry bacon
  10. Pickup the kids at daycare
  11. Play leap frog
  12. Play with fireworks
  13. Vacuum the carpet
  14. Sandblasting
  15. Sit on hot vinyl car seats
  16. String barbwire
  17. Sumo wrestling
  18. Tear out Poison Ivy
  19. Train an attack dog
  20. Trim the hedges
  21. Weed Whacking

and finally........well feel free to watch it!