The mood has been set, Valentine's Day is going great and then.... you say it. At the worst possible time, you say the worst possible thing! So much for a romantic night.

In order to help you avoid this situation, I have gathered some "dog house" inducing things you should never,ever say in a romantic situation. And I mean never.

These words have actually been uttered to real people in real situations.

1. Have I told you you remind me of my Mother?

2. You have eyes like my ex.

3. You are absolutely beautiful! But I am kind of drunk.

4. (At dinner) You're just going to eat all of that aren't you?

5. Is that what you're wearing?

6. Anything that starts "roses are red..."

7. I love your bad ass breath. (It had a hint of red wine and mint chocolate).

And my favorite:

8. Pull my finger.

Of course, the cardinal sin is saying "I love you" for the first time on Valentine's Day or in bed. Proposing in bed, also very bad!

What's the craziest thing anyone ever said to you while trying to be romantic?