99.1 The Whale's Classic Rock from A to Z on Demand begins at 6am Monday April 8th.
If you're familiar with this popular feature, you've gotta be excited...we are!
We get so many people asking when will we do this again, and tell us how much they enjoy listening to every Classic Rock song we have in our deep music library.
Remember, we're still taking your suggestions - songs we may have missed.
Give us your song suggestions at 607-723-9996 or on our Facebook page at 99.1thewhale or via e-mail - don@991thewhale.com.

Here's some thing you may not know about Classic Rock from A to Z On Demand.

The music list grows every year, and it's not because we find songs and attach the Classic Rock label on them.
It's from your suggestions - songs we, for whatever reason, may have missed, and while it might be more considered a 'deep cut', if it "fits" we'll throw it in.

We don't stop  A to Z on the weekend.
Big Wally, Lee Ann, Holly and Don are in the studio during the weekend, so you can enjoy those great tunes Saturday and Sunday, so take The Whale everywhere you go so you don't miss out on amy of those grat songs - 99.1 FM on your radio, listen on your mobile phone via our free Radio Pup app and online at 99onethewhale.com.

Some songs may seem out of order, but they really aren't.
For example, '30 Days In The Hole' by 'Humble Pie' airs early, because it begins with a number.
We will play songs beginning with numbers and parentheses first, and then dive into the letter 'A.'

Songs that begin with the word 'The' will play in the letter that begins in the second word of the song.
Example - 'The End' by 'The Doors' will play in the 'E' section.
No particular reason.
We just have an issue with 'the.'

We may subsitute a studio version of a song if we have a 'recorded live' version, just to change things up from time to time.
Some songs have great 'live' versions, so it's cool to showcase them.

A few songs we play, may straddle that fine line between rock and oldies.
A good example of that, is 'American Pie' by 'Don McClean'.
For a long time, we struggled with whether or not we should play the tune, but we've had so many requests to play it, and it is a great song, so we added it into the list.

Length doesn't matter.
Bet you've heard that line before.
Well, with Classic Rock from A to Z, it's true.
We have plenty of songs that are long.
You know - 8, 9 10, 11 minutes and more.
We WILL play them all.
Including the Whale Morning Show with Big Wally and Lee Ann Taylor, where songs that long would not normally air.
If 'In-A-Gada-Da-Vida' comes up during their show, well, you've got a cool, long song to enjoy while you're getting ready for work!
How we'll fit in everything else, will be our challenge!

And finally, even though it's not Thanksgiving, yes we will air 'Arlo Guthrie's' 'Alice's Restaurant Massacree' in it's entirety.
Thanksgiving dinner not included.

Enjoy Classic Rock from A to Z On Demand beginning 6am Monday April 8th on 99.1 The Whale!