Are you lost about what to do tonight? Have no fear! I have a bunch of crazy, silly fun things you can do during the snowstorm!

1. Build a fort. Now, you could build a fort outside in the snow or you could build one inside with furniture and blankets.

2. Make cookies. I am personally making Valentine's Day Hate cookies tonight with my girlfriend. What are these you might ask? Think confectionery hearts with sarcastic messages. Don't worry, I'll take pictures.

3. Watch a movie. You could always kick back and enjoy a movie with your hunny (or your cat if you don't have one), make some popcorn, pour some wine and enjoy. Try movies with a snow theme like Cabin Fever or that horrible vampire movie that takes place in Alaska.

4. Have a bunch of friends over for a snowed in party! Make everyone stock up on booze and treats, bring them on over and forget about the outside world all together! Who cares about the weather when you're having a good time?

5. Clean out your closet. I have been doing this the past couple weekends, a little bit at a time. I'm also trying to reorganize things a little and what better time to get all that stuff out of the way than when you can't do anything else?

Have fun and be safe friends!