This list does not include friends and family because obviously, I think we could all not live without them. While in no particular order, this list consists of everyday things that I need to get by, either every day, every week or even every year. What's on your list?

1. Caffeine. My preference is coffee and I usually have two and a half travel cups a day. I don't wake up until about noon as it is, so if I don't have any coffee, you probably wouldn't enjoy m

2. Shower. This may sound silly but I do not even like to bum around without showering on the weekends. I have to have my shower ASAP!

3.Music. I love music so much, it is my job! You might be thinking: "Holly, everyone loves music, duh!" First, I have found this not to be the case and secondly, I arrived here in a very specific way. I did not know what I wanted to do and it was time to apply to colleges so my parents asked me the things I could not live without and they were music and dance. I looked for a major and a college with music and some sort of dance organization I could be apart of. Go Oneonta Red Dragons!

4. Dancing. As mentioned in the previous item, dance is something else I have to do. I can't exactly explain but I have to do some sort of dancing at least every week or two in order to be somewhat normal. I find, the longer I do not dance, the more irritable I get! The happiest I was, was when I was dancing two or three hours every day in college and for a couple years after with DMB Dance Productions.

5. Good Company and Wine. I know, I know, I said no family and friends in this list but I may have lied. Nothing floats my boat like good conversation with good company and a nice glass of preferably dry red wine. I like to plan my weekends around these things coming together to ensure I have a good time and when it happens, I always do! Hey, work hard, play hard and I certainly work hard!