Where do I start? I am a lucky SOB, that's for sure. Why don't we start with three since I can't possibly cover all of the things I'm thankful for in one post!

1. Family. I am so thankful that I have two wonderful parents. I'm thankful they raised me and my siblings right, that they are still married, and worked hard and deserve everything they have. I don't think it is too often that people can say or do say that they are proud of their parents but I am extremely proud of the two people I call Mom and Dad.

Of course I can't leave out my siblings or they would possibly try to kill me!

I have a sister who while we might not always get along, she knows she can call me anytime for anything and I'll be there. I'm am glad to say she would do the same for me. I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished as a young lady of only 24! I'm thankful she has achieved her dreams of becoming an Aerospace Engineer and found someone who is willing to treat her like a princess (my future brother in law Tom Feldman) for the rest of her life!

Now for my adopted brother Tom. Lord knows we have been through a lot together. The professional hick. The comedian. Tom never ceases to make me laugh. He showed up to our Fourth of July party decked out in American flag shorts, shirt and hat. He walked in and said "Happy Birthday America!" in his hick accent. What's not to love. Ladies, he is still single if your deserving of him, let me know and I'll interview you for the position! I am thankful that even though Tom joined our family later in life, he is still the best brother I could ask for!

2. My friends. I have had many friends come and go, particularly recently. It's unfortunate that some of these people are no longer in my life but I like to think that they all served a purpose to me and I to them for whatever amount of time we enjoyed each others company.

My friends from high school and younger. We don't talk every day, every week and sometimes not every year. Somehow, there is something we all seem to understand with each other and I'm not sure it can be described. There are certain people I can never really stay mad at and they are for the most part in this particular group of people. No matter what we go through, "Home is whenever I'm with you." (Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros)

Last but not least, my friends I have made here in Binghamton. It took me quite a while to find you but alas I did! I don't know how I lived here for two years with out meeting some of these people or getting to know them better. I am so thankful for my support system here- Krista, Kyle, Tim, Vinnie, JJ, Barb, Sean, Wally, Randy, Tanya, Danielle, Shannon and all from Manison Audio. I love you guys- thank you for being exactly who you are!

3. My Job (s). Being in the Music Business is a tough gig. I have worked very hard to get to where I am today and I am thankful it has paid off and I will be even more thankful when I reach the higher goals I have in mind. I have had many different jobs and responsibilities through the year's that have molded me into the hard worker I am today (also part genetics, shoutout to The Dagger Fam!). I know I am extremely lucky to be able to say I have not one, but three fantastic jobs! Thank you Townsquare Media, Riverwalk Atheletic Club and Mansion Audio Production for keeping me busy, sane and insane all at the same time! Life is not boring, that's for sure!