I am not a fan of shopping for gifts, whether it be for Christmas, birthdays or what not.
Maybe it's because I worry too much that it won't be the right gift for the person I'm shopping for.
Most of all, I don't want it to end up being a stupid gift.

Stupid.com has conducted a survey listing some stupid holiday gift ideas.
A few are:
Toilet Santa "Ugly" Holiday Sweater -  a sweater with a picture of the jolly old man sitting on a toilet.
Please, please do not buy me one

Mullet on the Go - it's, well, a fake mullet.
I'll remember that, next time I need new hair.

Tattoos for babies - a temporary tattoo for the kid.
I bet pacifier tattoos are quite popular with this age group.

Santa's Drinking Hat - just like every other hat you've seen where you can attach cans of your favorite beverage to it, except this is a Santa Drinking Hat.
I hope the straws come standard.

Santa's Farting Butt Travel Pillow - Great for those long bus or airplane trips.
Good luck getting out alive after repeated use of this product.
By the way, it's a neck pillow in the shape of Santa's butt.
Goody, it's every redneck's favorite pillow.

Happy shopping.
Beware though, that gift just may be stupid.