I  have always thought of fishing as a warm weather activity, but many people in our area are passionate about ice fishing, so many that there are several cold weather events for those anglers who enjoy being out on a frozen lake cutting holes in the ice and dropping their lines in the frigid water.

991 The Whale will be at Chenango Lake this Saturday morning for their annual Perch Derby. (Route 23 east of Norwich follow the signs) Registration at 6a, fishing begins at 7a and our Whale Stop is 8a till 10a

Since I have never attended an event like this in my entire life I figured I’d better find out a few things.

One! Dress Warm! You’re out on a lake… standing on ice!
Staying warm and keeping dry are most important, hats, scarves and insulated waterproof boots. Maybe even some cleats so you don’t pull a Dick Van Dyke and fall ass over teacups!

Two! The lake is full of ice holes (and I’m not talking about the fisherman), there are holes drilled into the ice so be conscious of that when you’re walking around the frozen lake.

Three! Some people use portable shelter like a tent of some kind or I think I heard them referred to as ‘Shanties’

Four! Make sure you have a valid fishing license.

I will blog more on my experience next week, wish me luck and by that I mean pray I’m not laying on the ice sayings ‘Help’ I’m fallen and I can’t get up!