I know. You're saying "what the hell is Twitter?"

It is a social media site that allows you to post comments or links or whatever. The maximum amount of characters you can use (including spaces) is 140.

The "@" is put before your handle (or user name). When you reply to a Tweet the symbol is needed.

Why do people use Twitter? To broadcast their thoughts, info or product to the world. Sometimes, it is a good way of connecting to friends and family. In some cases, it has saved lives by being used to share information to be shared with emergency services personnel.

If there is a topic that many people discuss, or that you want others to comment on, a hashtag is used. For instance, if I want you to comment on something about the Whale, I could use #Whale. You put that at the end of your Tweet and then read all the comments everyone who uses that hashtag has made. You can do that on Facebook now too.

I use it to follow celebrities so I can share their thoughts or updates with you. That's pretty much all I do with it. The beauty is, everyone uses it differently.

Someday, this may be the way people communicate, so check out Twitter for Dummies here for more help! I know I need it.

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