I don't know about you, but all these mobile devices, tech phrases, and social media sites have me confused. It's 99.1 The Whale to the rescue!

We are going to take this one byte at a time. First, some terms you will need to know courtesy of Skillcrush.com, Daily Writing Tips, and Tech Terms.

1. Gigabyte. A gigabyte is actually "a unit of information equal to one billion bytes." It measures your computer's memory.

2. HTML. We've all seen this. I never bothered to find out what it stands for because, to be honest, I didn't care. Now that I need to know, I found out it is a language used to create websites.

3. MP3. A compressed audio file. It stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3.

4. SEO. Because of my blog writing, I now know it stands for: "search engine optimization". In other words, an effective way to get views on your website.

Now that you know these key words (and feel better knowing many of us are tech clueless), we will proceed to social media fun next week. If you want to learn more tech terms, the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary is a good place to start.