It seems like every time we turn around there's another study telling us what our habits say about our personality. From what kind of ice cream we like, to our go-to shoes and now this, the way we eat our pizza.

I may not have been in born in New York, but I've lived in the state for nearly 20 of my 37 years on this earth, and so I consider myself to be a New Yorker. However, I've never eaten a slice of pizza by folding it. I do like to eat it with a fork and knife though, and apparently, that makes me strange...or so say, my friends and family.

Patti Wood is a body language expert and she says that the way we eat our pizza says a lot about who were are as a person.

Patti told Cosmopolitan, if you eat your pizza with a fork and knife like I do, you're a "supporter." This means that you're reliable, loyal, and enjoy pleasing people.

If folding your slice is the way you like to eat pizza, you're awesome at multitasking but are so busy that you don't really let yourself stop and enjoy the little things in life.

Love crust? Good, I'll give you mine because I'm not a lover of crust. Those who eat their crust first tend to be dramatic, seek attention, and talk really loud.

If you don't do any of the above mentioned and simply take bites out of your pizza, you're a perfectionist who doesn't like to mess things up.