I can't turn anywhere without seeing the video of a tailgater wrecking after passing the woman filming him. People are overjoyed that karma came knocking, but what is wrong in the video? A lot!

Both motorists would be ticketed in New York if this incident had happened here. Since no one else is daring to break down the laws broken, I will.

First off, the woman said she couldn't get into the right lane. I saw, through her video, a few opportunities. The left lane, in both NY and PA is for passing only. Unless you are doing that you should be in the right lane only. Period.

Next, she is using her cell phone to video the event while driving. It is illegal to use a hand held cell phone while driving, that includes video taping. She would probably be ticketed for reckless driving in NY and PA.

Now comes the obvious: the guy in the truck was tailgating and driving aggressive.

In all honesty, both drivers were equally at fault. And I have to laugh because some people that are cheering about the wreck are the very people who tailgate here in the Southern Tier every single day. I should know. Every night when I hop on I-81, and am in the right lane, I get tailgated.

The problem with drivers is, they are selfish. It's all about them getting to there destination and screw the other drivers. If we drove reasonably, commutes would be enjoyable. That's just my experience talking.

So, before you laugh too hard a this video, how are your driving habits?? Could the truck be you someday?