Everyone has people who help shape who they become. For me, that list not only includes my parents and grandparents, but some of my teachers. Since tomorrow is National Teacher Day, I thought I'd share my list and so you can think about who you will honor tomorrow on my show.

In 2nd and 3rd grades, I had Mrs. Uroff. She was very patient with me! It seemed like I had to stay in during recess everyday to redo my math. God love her for trying, but I still suck at it. She was just cool all the way around and I loved that class. Oh yeah, i was totally the teacher's pet!

In 7th grade there was my Science teacher, Mr. Wharton. He was witty and funny and did unique demonstrations to get us excited about science. It worked. I remember many of my lessons. He shared a quote (frequently) that sticks with me "Where on the wall of life does it say life is fair?" Mr. Wharton was one of 3 teachers to help me deal with bully problems too.

In high school, it was Mr. Corcoran and Mr. Sullivan. Corky, as we called him, was the Psychology teacher and a funny one at that. He used humor and made us think too. He is a guidance counselor now, which is very appropriate. Mr. Sullivan, was my chemistry teacher. I loved that course but because I hadn't had the right math course, couldn't excel at it. I was however, able to win him over with a "Chemis-tree" made of beaker stands, assorted chemistry accessories, and cut out table of elements symbols! I had to do something to pass. Both these teachers helped me through my Mom's death my freshman year.

I remember so many lessons from all 4 of these teachers. What teacher or teachers affected your life? You can share here or call in on Tuesday when we celebrate teachers.

And if you are one, thank you.