Imagine our area getting 10 inches of snow on June 6th. That's right, June 6th! Imagine below freezing temperatures every day in May and frost through the middle of June.

Well, it happened. And our area was affected. Of course it was back in 1816! It was dubbed "The Summer That Never Was."

We complain now, but think about it; 1816. There are no luxuries we have today. You don't run to the grocery store to stock up. You plant your crops and make your food by hand. Most crops didn't survive, and if they did the prices soared.

Albany and parts of Maine had over 10 inches of snow on this day in 1816. Our area was below freezing and saw some snow.

How did it happen? Well the sun was very inactive that year and coupled with severe volcanic activity of Mount Tambora in the East Indies, less sunlight made it to Earth's surface. There were at least 4 other volcanoes that were active as well.

Interestingly enough, the crazy weather year prompted Joseph Smith to move from Vermont and eventually land in Great Bend (yes, OUR Great Bend!), where he translated and published the book of Mormon. But that is another article.

So, when we complain about the hot weather or how cold it is come winter, just remember to count your blessings! It could be much worse.