What a proud week for us on TV this week! Binghamton and Norwich natives were on reality TV. The good kind of reality TV, too.

15 year old Norwich native Kaitlyn Jackson sang an original song, usually dangerous, for American Idol and impressed the judges so much that she walked out with a golden ticket.

She is someone for the Southern Tier to get behind and be proud of!

Then American Pickers, one of my favorite shows, journeyed to Binghamton to find some treasures at Showtime Costumes. This was a controversial episode with many American Picker followers on Facebook very upset at the owner's rudeness towards Mike and Frank. Some comments even point out that to create a better "buzz" for area business, Ronnie should've been kinder. There were some who said she was just a tough negotiator.

You can see the episode on the Picker's website and decide for yourself. All in all, a good week for the area! We were showcased on reputable shows.