I recently wrote an article about BBQ’s and how the smell takes me back to my childhood days. There are several smells that take us back to our childhood, some are common and others are more exclusive to certain individuals.

The smell of popcorn is something that takes me back to a time when I was living with my Grandma Smith, many nights when I was ready for bed, the smell of popcorn would fill the house, back then popcorn was made in a pot on the stove, once it was popped we would put it in a brown paper shopping bag, add melted butter and salt, close up the bag and shake it up.

I also think of Philadelphia Sales, it always smelled like popcorn in there, right by the door as you checked out.

The smell of Kool-Aid always takes me back to house on the east side of Binghamton, my mother would often let us have a  Kool-Aid stand on our street on a hot summer day, we would put a table out in front of our house with a pitcher of Kool-Aid and some paper cups, man life was so easy then.

So what smells take you back to those carefree days? I’ll bet if you think about it, you’ll come up with more than one.